Free Street Photography Knowledge for Beginners

Knowledge creates power for the many, not the few.  Today  nothing comes for free and when we think of  Photography it is sometimes expensive too. A world where information and insights are accessible is no apparent to everyone. I remember when i started learning photography had no mentors no background in photography & hardly had any budget to attend Workshop from good photographers around, Only thing i had being Network engineer was Internet  offcourse a small camera and open streets to experiment my knowledge on but at the same time had huge dilemma in my mind where to start from ?  Didn’t wanted to end up in ‘Buying a DSLR & starting photography page  doesn’t make you a photographer’  🙂 clan so after hustling for few weeks on internet  got few interesting blogs/ebook/links helped me in huge way taking the first step in right direction of photography which i was inclined to that is Street Photography. There are tons of information available out there on internet my many photographers around the world some for free and some for nominal cost too but not all are constructive , precise or shared thinking of just beginners they start somewhere and end up somewhere it might confuse the amateurs ,step by step learning is the right way for any learning .

So being said all that i also agree attending workshop by good photographers, following professional photographers , reading photography books and more importantly going out and shooting are key step to keep fueling you creative side in any form of photography but trust me if you are just starting in world of street photography , already started and lost in midway , wants to brush up your basics or on budget and don’t want to invest much before you get to know if street photography is actually meant for you these links you should looking for

* these is ongoing personal list i will be sharing gradually, there might many others which i might have missed too would love to know and share them as i come across. Also note these link might have few content like workshops that might not be free.

1) Eric Kim

A Street photographer currently based in  California puts his  heart and soul into his street photography blog, and  hope  to  share with you the same passion that he do. His blogs has tons of information, ebooks and youtube channel  on Street Photography covering wide range  topics all for Free.

Few i would recommend you to get started with are before going through anything else :

Street Photography 101: An Introduction to Street Photography (Ebook)

Free Open-Source Online Street Photography Course (Self Learning with videos & syllabus)

Master link for all his free content on Street Photography (Free books, videos and interviews etc..)

2) Thomas Leuthard

An passionate street photographer based in the heart of Switzerland. Currently work with a unobtrusive mirror-less camera to capture the essence of the ordinary life happening in public. Has three interesting ebooks all for free on Street Photography.

Going Candid – The first ebook of Thomas Leuthard where he describes the basic of Street Photography based on his experiences.

Collecting Souls – His second ebook is more personal and shows why he follows his passion and how it has influenced his life.

Street Faces – This is a ebook about shooting close candid portraits. Something Thomas was doing often in his early stage.

3 )  Marius Vieth 

A 27 year old German fine art photographer with a focus on street photography.  If ever i am down on motivation i end up on his website. Quite active on social media & his own Youtube channel now as well.

10 Essential Street Photography Lessons – In addition to this free  e-book he offer exclusive spot in his newsletter course where I give free tips, share knowledge and answer all your questions!


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