Group Selfies (Usies)

Before you go ahead and read this post let me make it clear to you, That if you are here to get answers “Is Selfie good or bad?” and “is selfie a mental disorder ?”-  Answer is i don’t know. It depends on everyone’s personal opinion .

This post is about Group Selfie or as they call it Usies, Why i take them and How i take them. Some people think selfies are a mark of vanity and Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a professor of marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco who studies consumer behavior, said: ‘Usies are a growing trend that I think have far more social value than selfies. In contrast to one-person selfies, Usies are ‘more about the relationship, and less about you and your hair,’ he said  And i completely agree .  Imagine if you are at some unique place and with bunch of crazy friends or if you are traveling solo and you have group of friendly locals around you isn’t group selfie a nice way to capture your presence with local or friends at that the place.

Sometimes people ask me why group selfie when you can hand over a cam to someone he/she will take group picture for you why selfie? Well i give them two reason firstly i want that person in the picture as well. Secondly, what if i am travelling solo or the fellow stranger don’t know how to use a camera. Another main reason being ,i travel a lot mostly in group with friends or fellow travelers ,being street and documentary photographer for obvious reasons i avoid using use my professional camera for such pictures, So group selfies with Gopro (in my case)comes in handy without disappointing friends.

So here are few tips i use while taking Group selfie.
1) Stand facing the source of light it can be anything Sun in most cases or artificial lights at weddings or events ,basically make sure the faces are lit.
2) Make sure you choose proper background it should have some essence of the place or people around that would make pictures more interesting.
3) Camera Settings, i agree if you are taken pictures it is difficult to see what is in the frame and what is not  with Gopro or Digital cameras. However, Most of the cellphone have front cam and few camera have tilt screen too. For Gopro i put the camera on self timer or burst mode mode it has good wide 170 deg view so you don’t need to worry much about the framing or to be precise you can use is wifi app or simply use their wifi remote which comes with new Gopro.
4) to make pictures more lively i ask people either to sing some songs or chant slogans basically to get some expressions and hand gestures.

Below are few results.