In to the Wild

So my first Wildlife Safari to Ranthambore National Park begun with zero expectation and no research whatsoever. Never had been to Zoo also countable visits to nearby National Park (SGNP) had human working or making out sightseeing. Little that i learned from book as kid ,heard from people around was ‘Wildlife’ is a term that refers to animals that are not normally domesticated. As an Obedient photographer took my camera along with borrowed big zoom lens in company of experienced photographers hoping will put my little photography skills to use. Safari started early in morning. Luckily the adrenaline was already pumping through my veins or I almost certainly would have fallen back to sleep at this point. But alas, there was wildlife viewing to be done indeed we did 5 Safaris in 3 days had 6 Tiger Sightseeing as someone would say great sightseeing. Sitting comfortably (perhaps too comfortably) inside an open-top Gypsy as a pride of Tiger slowly made their way beside the vehicle was indeed one of the most surreal experiences in my life.Multiple Safari through out the day. The thrill and Suspense of tracking the big cats across the park with pug marks , calls & leftovers were nothing less then a movie .Trust me You may think you’ve seen everything. With advanced technology, high-action Nat Geo & Discovery films, and the ability to gain knowledge with the touch of a button, there are less surprises in life.Not much can come close to that feeling of observing an Tiger in the wild, especially when you’re not expecting. A sense of immediacy and an aura of electricity that surrounds Tiger when it walks around is unpredictable and awe-inspiring.

Yes off course Tigers were the Highlights of the safari & indeed were on everybody mouth and mind from park to hotels, guides to photographers discussing numbers of sightseeing and whereabouts. But zero sightseeing never disappointed me as i felt there was much more to it the moment i entered the park ,Was able to find my peace between constant Tiger brags ,endless DSLR clicks, Guide infos. For me Wildlife were not just Tigers. Agree Tiger watching holiday is an incredibly rewarding experience it was Life time experience to witness this phenomenon right in front of your eyes but i was equally ,visually and whole heartedlly excited to see the others as well herds of graceful deer,striking presence juvenile eagle or even again and again common yet beautiful peacock eyes were bright as shades emitted from the fine feather. maybe because i was new to this and seeing them for the first time? don’t know but every bit of of audio & visual were beyond imagination it was like magic unfolding in front of me . The beauty of the leafy paradise comforted the heart.The forest’s fragrance was fresh and organic, trees had creaking branches as the Leaves rustle in the wind. Never seen Birds created a symphony of song. The heart haunting melody was an elixir for the soul.. Was able to feel the silence of Forest ,chirping of birds and leaves, Colors, shapes had so much to say . It was a great reminder that we share this world with them and that they are quite capable and impressive. Simple and serene, watching wildlife can be akin to witnessing an art demonstration. Witnessing the grace, patterns ,their color ,gestures, eyes and ease of movements can be a soothing and enjoyable activity. Gave me a gentle reminder to be humble about our strength and dominance along with the deep connection we share with all living things,about our roots here on earth. It let me witness the power,strength and elegance. We see other humans everyday, but you probably don’t see incredible wildlife. There was never a moment when the majestic beauty of these creatures was not on display. Wildlife brought me closer to nature. Put This planet is teaming with life, and there is so much to experience.

“Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom”

Of the few Images i was able to make on my first Safari.
To be frank i spent ample of time experiencing these natures beautiful creations with direct eyes rather then distraction Camera as someone rightly said its better to feel the beauty rather than capture it.


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