Random Red Numbers

29070: A little girl jumps with a steel glass as red flag roars with wind , she stays in the small hut which is enclosed to the pavement.
3640: A adult girl learns cycling on rather small red cycle.
4000: A Black pigeon with red legs on the pavement ,a small red plastic wrapper on the floor and beautiful Mumbai city in the backdrop.There are half a dozen legal kabutarkhanas in Mumbai, but almost every area has four to five illegal ones
4010: A father and son in a red wheelchair with red cap on the morning walk.
4060: A tired Alsatian with red collar and Mumbai in backdrop. Hectic life , Long work hours and sometime no social life but the young love Mumbai.
4090: A old man in shiny red shirt.Mumbai is the perfect gateway to Fashion World in the country with its proximity to Bollywood.
4090: A Cyclist with red cycle on a morning ride. Bicycle is a poor man’s transport, hobby of rich man and fitness activity for the everyone.
4130: A Madari with red slippers on with his jamurah (Monkey) resting after a street performance. Street performers are fading away just as the sparrows in our city.
A young excited kid with red floaters on runs to have closer look of the sea probably for the first time..
Red bikes parked and kid with racing t-shirt on takes the snap of his ride.
The people repressenting all walks of life come to Mumbai ,It is a place that breathes possibly.

Mumbai ,city that never sleeps! Pulsating, Alive, On the Move, Vibrant, Fun — this is Mumbai or as it is still frequently referred to — Bombay.The most modern city in India, it captures the spirit of the changing pace set by liberalization and modernization.With population of 13 million, Mumbai is India’s largest city and its most diverse, cosmopolitan and westernized.

Mumbai has a transfusion of various communities, following different religions and customs. Mumbaikar or Bombayite is the term used for the inhabitants of Mumbai. Mumbaikars are lively people, who live life to its fullest.It is a city which will make you feel poor and rich at the same time.

Being Mumbaikar and staying here for past 27 years has I have very close attachment to Mumbai and its people.This project “Random red numbers” is dedicated to unnoticed the people of Mumbai known for their warmth, love, anger, boldness, determination and courage just like color red symbolizes .It shows random essence of Mumbai’s life around the marine drive pavement with the help of red numbers on walls which were written by local municipal body during recent extensive refurbishment and general neatening-up program.

Marine Drive is a 4.3-kilometer-long boulevard in South Mumbai that stretches north from Nariman Point’s high-rise buildings to infamous Chowpatty Beach,located at the foot of Malabar Hill.The great wall, the queen’s necklace or simply Netaji Subhash Chandra Marg, whatever you may call it,Mumbai’s Marine Drive is popular among the young and the old alike.

It’s the ultimate seaside promenade, where Mumbaikars come to escape the claustrophobia of central Mumbai,gratefully eyeing an endless horizon while strolling or jogging along the broad windswept promenade.Marine Drive crowded with a diverse population of Tourists,Joggers ,cyclist,street performers,kids,people from aristocratic elite to the homeless poor.

Marine Drive is where Mumbaikars come for a few moments of freedom from the stresses of commuting,of high living costs, of cramped homes.It is a place that breathes possibly.